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Brown & Krippner Pty Ltd is a long established Tamworth company, now also based in Armidale, providing services in:

  • Surveying
  • Town Planning
  • Civil Engineering Design
  • Project Management

Our client base includes the private sector and Local, State and Federal Government. Our area of operation is primarily the Tamworth and Armidale Region, but often extends across New South Wales.

The Brown & Krippner team has a very strong commitment to the efficient provision of a quality service at all times. There is a strong recognition of the context within which the company operates. The ongoing success and development of the company is totally dependent upon performance.

This strong commitment to service by Brown & Krippner is also reinforced by:

  • Significant expenditure on training
  • Membership of a wide range of professional organisations
  • Duplication of skills and equipment to ensure continuous quality service
  • Significant investment in technology

Our management system is continuously internally audited for compliance and effectiveness.